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Happy Fri-pay! Got paid on my regular job plus my side job. Now it’s time to go treat myself. Getting my lashes done and going shopping for some new purse. Who wanna tag along? Bossbabe gorgeous gems make the money and spoil yourself. Guess what? coffee money is paying for it all. Come join me and make that extra money and you don’t have to used your regular job money to spend. Save it and go on more vacation! Travel the world ? — with Louraine Suratos, Laura Edwards, KaoandKham Keophiphat, Visal Khourn, Eddie Lee Renteria, Mum Meas, Sai Kattaviravong, Oula Chantha and Vee Tilton.

Why Is It Best?

Me on the left in March and me in the right is in May! 7-8 pounds do make a difference. I’m not a gym type of girl. So here it is. I had to try it out to believe it with my own eyes! Some of you might like it and some of you might not. Everyone body takes it differently. Slowly improving.