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How to Make Sugar Cookie Rosettes

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Here are step-by-step directions to make these cute decorated Sugar Cookie Rosettes from my friend Kelli Eldred of Kookies by Kelli. Get printable instructions, plus recipe & supply links here:

Kelli taught me how to make these rosettes, on camera, in this video. You can make them any color you choose. We used blue because it’s my favorite.

Here’s what you need:

Round Sugar Cookies (we used 1 1/2 inch cookies)
1 batch of stiff Royal Icing (recipe: )
Blue (or whatever color you want) Food Coloring: (gel color works best)
Tipless Icing Bags
Scribe tool (or a cheese pick or toothpicks)
Wilton 1M Icing Tip (or similar star tip)

To decorate your Rosette Cookies:

Dye the royal icing blue (or whatever color you are using). Add the star tip to a tipless bag, and then load the icing into the bag. 

Place a cookie on a flat work surface. Snip the end of the tipless bag, so the star tip can just push out the hole.

Place the tip in the center of the cookie. Apply consistent pressure to the icing bag to begin the flow of icing, and make a continuous swirl/circle around the cookie, only pulling up the bag and releasing pressure once you’ve reached the edge. (For a 1 1/2 inch cookie, this should take one full circle.) Use the scribe tool to smooth any excess icing back into the rosette. (Watch our video, it totally helps!)

Repeat with the rest of your cookies. Allow your rosettes to dry completely, and you’re all done.

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